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There is no match to the feeling when you are going fast through the tunnel on your favorite bike – it is heavenly. But that beautiful experience could be ruined with bustling traffic, non-stop honking, and ear-piercing sound of air. If you want to enjoy the full experience without any hindrance, then the next time you are in the market looking for gloves, grab yourself a helmet as well.

Modular helmets are noisy as compared to full-face helmets, but if you compare its noise reduction efficiency with the noise reduction efficiency of open face helmets, then they are not. They definitely limit the air from entering as the rider’s face, and chin will be covered, which results in less noise.

Here are the quietest modular motorcycle helmets currently available on the market.

Noise Reduction Tips

You have invested loads of dollars on your motorcycle and then more on the proper gear to drive it in fashion and full style. But what good would it be if you don’t get to experience the ride to the fullest? We value your passion and drive for motorcycling, so here are some noise reduction tips. Explore all the options carefully, and choose the safest one.

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The first option that can help you in limiting noise when riding on a motorcycle is earplugs. The faster you go, the louder the wind becomes, hence the louder the noise. The high-pitched sound is not good for ears and might cause temporary deafness. The earplugs will help you enhance the sounds that you want to hear and will reduce the sound that you don’t want to enhance. There are four different types of earplugs for motorcycles:

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The disposable ones are made out of foam and are very comfortable to use. They are made of safe material, and they won’t harm you. The trick is to insert them perfectly so that they don’t move around. They definitely make the entire riding experience a bit calmer.


If you go for reusable earplugs, you have to maintain them. You have to clean them often. These are a bit more expensive than disposable earplugs, but if you take care of them, they will last a long time.


Corded earphones are attached with a cord, which means you will not lose them easily. When not in use, you can let these earplugs hang around your neck. Most riders prefer these ones over the above two.

Custom molded

If you want to go all out, then these will be perfect for you. You can get earphones molded according to your ear size. These will allow you to hear voices, but not the loud, annoying ones.

Riding Position

When you are traveling on your bike, a small change in your riding position can help you reduce noise. The helmet alone cannot make your journey noise-free. A well-adjusted position can help you eliminate any resistance against wind. Moreover, if you sit on the cushioned part of your motorcycle, you will experience reduced vibrations. Avoid sitting on the metallic parts of your motorcycle.


When air passes from under your helmet beneath your chin, it leads to turbulence, which further leads to noise. One way to prevent this is to wear a scarf. Make sure your scarf is tucked neatly, and there is no place for the wind to go inside.

Invest in the scarf depending on the weather, if it is cold enough, then get a warmer one. It will help you reduce warmth and chilliness, both.

Wind Blocker

What we mean by wind blocker is a helmet that has enough padding to prevent air from entering inside. The goal behind the padding is to act as a wind blocker and also act as a protection in the case of any crash. When you are exploring the market for a helmet, you will notice that most of them come with padding.

Motorcycle Face Mask

The main purposes of a motorcycle face mask are the same as the wind blocker, which is to block wind noises and noise reduction. If you have never used it, you will find a huge difference once you wear it. These motorcycle face masks are made up of unique fabric, which prioritizes the user’s comfort and also provides protection against UV sun rays.

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The last factor on our list is the right fit. If your chosen helmet is tight, you will be uncomfortable during the ride. On the other hand, if your helmet is loose, then air will come inside, and it will lead to uncomfortable noises. So it is important to get a helmet that fits you perfectly. Grab a measuring tape and measure the size of our head. Choose the helmet according to the size.

Once you have decided on the size and style of the helmet, always try it on. It is recommended to leave the helmet on for about 20 minutes. If it feels like home, make the purchase. Don’t settle for anything less than a perfect fit.


Lastly, if you want to get maximum protection, a full-face helmet can provide you that. Plus, if you are a fan of weekend getaways and love to take your motorcycle for a spin late at night in winter, then a full-face helmet can reduce the noise and act as a shield between cold winter nights and yourself.

On the other hand, if you like to go fast and prioritize comfort and versatility, then modular helmets would be the right pick for you as you can easily free your chin by clicking on the release button. Although, when compared to a full-face helmet, modular helmets are a bit ineffective as far as noise reduction is concerned. We hope the helmet you choose is easily molded to your head.

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