Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets for Glasses – Glass Wearers Choice

Looking for an opportunistic helmet that pairs up nicely with your glasses or goggles? If yes, then you need to look no further, as this article is going to provide you a list of modular helmets that go well with most vehicles. Also, get a chance to acknowledge the must-haves of a modular helmet.

Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses

1. HJC 980-143 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet


The helmet features a unique three-stage sun shield accompanying a locking system. With the help of this sun shield, the helmet keeps away UV rays and ensures that the rider is protected from the dangers of UV light. Made from polycarbonate material, the chain bar exhibits properties like toughness and thermal rigidity and can be adjusted according to one’s comfort level.

Another main quality is that the construction includes an advanced channeling ventilation system due to which the rider does not experience heat buildup or suffocation. Instead, this system is conducive to maintaining optimum airflow and making the environment safe.

In a helmet, vents are not sufficient for heat escape. We also need to choose a helmet that comes with a comfortable and cool interior. That’s why this helmet has its inner liner made of moisture-wicking fabric just to absorb the sweat from the rider’s skin.

The inner liner and cheek pads can be removed and washed gently. So, you can use the same product for a long time and won’t have to invest in a frequent replacement.

Being lightweight, this helmet does not feel cumbersome on the head, allowing the user to wear it for longer durations as well.

2. YEMA YM-926 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Flip-up Helmet


The material used for making this product is ABS shell, which is exceptionally durable. Moreover, the aerodynamics of the frame goes perfectly with most head shapes. The ABS shell resists breakages and wear-outs and tends to serve for a longer time period.

Besides being sturdy, the product is quite convenient to use. It entails a chain strap and a quick-release buckle with the help of which one can wear and remove it with ease and also adjust the fittings.

For the promotion of air circulation, there are in-built, adjustable vents dispersed all over the frame. These vents intend to suck out and throw away the heat excreted by the body. As a result, the inner temperature stays moderately cool.

The frame is neither too big that it keeps swinging nor too tight that it lays strain on your nerves. Rather, it snugly covers your head and gives enough space to accommodate your glasses. Consequently, you can enjoy the ride to the fullest while exploring city streets on your favorite bike.

The front part of the helmet comprises a dual-visor face shield. One of the two visors is dedicated to stopping sun rays and heat from making their way into the helmet.

Thus, owners of street bikes, racing bikes, Motocross, ATV, dirt bikes, MX, Quad, Adventure, and Snowbikes will benefit from picking this helmet for their vehicles.

  • Advanced Modular/flip Up and Dual Lens Design (Inner Smoked Lens/outer Clear Shield).
  • Comfortable Inner Padding, Removable Washable Cheek Pads.
  • Fully Adjustable Intake and Exhaust Vents to Keep Cool.
  • Streamlined Aerodynamic Design Reduces Wind Noise and Drag.
  • DOT FMVSS 218 Approved Quick Release Strap for a Secure Fit and Easy on and Off.For Dirt Bike ,Snowmobile,Quad, Adventure and Much More …

3. AHR Run-M Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet


The Run-M modular helmet boasts an outstanding ventilation system consisting of six vents, all doing the job satisfactorily. With six vents, there is no chance of respiratory issues. Even for the control of smell and moisture developed due to sweating, it has a great solution. The selection of cushioned and anti-bacterial fabric for the inner liner has made it more advantageous for summers.

The fabric absorbs moisture and unpleasant smell to prevent fungal and bacterial skin infections. Moreover, when you feel the liner is stinking, you can remove it, wash it thoroughly, and put it back in its original position.

People for whom riding is a passion remain engaged in this activity every day or every other day. As a consequence, they are exposed to harmful rays of the sun more than anybody else. This helmet takes care of its users since its front visor has extraordinary capabilities to oppose UV rays while the other visor provides a better, clear, and wider view.

To cut down noise production, it comes in an effective design, which pierces air efficiently and facilitates forward motion. Furthermore, the ABS material gives the product unmatchable strength in clashes and collisions.

We can’t just ignore the flip-up feature that allows the users to slide the Faceshield upwards or downwards as necessary.

  • Reliable High Quality – AHR RUN-M Modular flip up motorcycle helmet, meets or exceeds DOT safety standards to ensure your safety, features advanced flip up design that enables you to get more air or grab a bite to eat without taking the whole helmet off
  • Make Your Driving Much Safer – Upgraded lightweight ABS shell with a thick, high density fully vented EPS liner; ventilation opening system for air intake and exhaust, which brings you a better protection and comfortable wearing during riding …

4. Bell SRT Street Motorcycle Helmet


The best thing about this particular product, which makes it stand out in the crowd, is its Panovision shield. This shield enables the rider to view the scene more clearly with a wide view angle.

When it comes to construction, the product does not fail to impress us. With the use of fiber-glass in its making, the company has added prolonged durability to its specifications. The fiber-glass makes the outer frame look more attractive and decent and also stays intact, even during collisions.

The construction also involves EPS speaker pockets to allow you to wear your glasses or sunshades on every ride.

Unlike heavy helmets that cause headaches, this one is ultra-lightweight on your head and shoulders. You can employ it for long-term and daily use without thinking twice.

If you feel the model lacks any of the advertised quality or if any feature doesn’t work the way it is supposed to, you can simply claim the five-year warranty for the helmet. The manufacturer will be responsible for replacing the item or fix the issue as long as the purchasing period does not exceed five years.

This purposeful helmet encompasses many versatile options and facilities for the end-users, which might make one believe that it is quite expensive. However, the good news is that the Bell SRT is reasonably-priced and offers all its great features at a relatively low cost.

5. YEMA Helmet


Engineered with an ABS shell, this model from Yema encompasses extreme durability. In the case of sudden collisions and accidental events, this material saves the skull from fractures or even from scratches. ABS plastic in this helmet is known for withstanding severe impacts.

People often complain about the inadequate intake of fresh air in the helmet, but that isn’t the case with this unit. It is equipped with adjustable vents that enhance airflow. All these features make it highly recommended for use in summers.

The shape and detailing on the frame also play a major role in its functionality. The aerodynamics are such that the helmet neither affects the momentum of the bike nor creates wobbling sounds. In turn, the ride becomes peaceful and more exhilarating.

It comes with a sun visor whose job is to reduce eye fatigue caused by sunlight. Riders can remove it for cleaning purposes and then install it again effortlessly.

The helmet extends its compatibility to various bike models and vehicles. Street bikes, racing bikes, Motocross, ATV, Quad, Dirtbike, Snowbike, MX, and Adventure bikes are amongst those vehicles that make a perfect match with this helmet.

  • Modular Flip-up Function, Anti-scratch, and Wide View Clear Visor.
  • Advanced Lightweight Durable ABS Shell with EPS Impact Absorption Inner Liner.
  • Helmet Liner / Cheek Pads Are Lightweight, Soft and Easily Removable and Washable.
  • Fully Adjustable Flow-through Ventilation to Keep You Cool in the Heat but Allow You to Block the Breeze when It’s Cold …

6. HJC 824-618 CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet


It is obvious that a helmet hides your face and head completely unless you open a shield. The face’s hidden areas include the nose and skin, and both require a consistent flow of air for breathability. Thanks to this helmet that has an advanced channeling ventilation system, sufficient air enters the helmet. Thus, the rider remains fresh and lives every single moment of the riding session.

Replacing the shields is also easy. There is no tedious technique involved or tool required; simply use the rachet lock system and take the shield apart. The liner is adept at absorbing moisture from your skin and traps bacteria that may cause infectious diseases.

The polycarbonate shell is not only stiff to break, but also very lightweight. The shield is also fog-proof and remains undamaged by scratches. It also resists the entrance of UV rays, making sure that riders stay safe from their effect.

If you have a street bike, sports bike, cruiser-style bike, racing bike, utility vehicle, or scooter, you can count on this helmet. From locking mechanisms to a 3D shape, it has everything to offer full comfort to the rider.

  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell; Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology
  • RapidFire Shield Replacement System; Simple and secure shield ratchet system provides ultra-quick, tool-less removal and installation for efficient operatio
  • ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System; Full front to back airflow flushes heat and humidity up and out …

7. Bell Revolver Evo Motorcycle Helmet


The construction of a helmet usually catches the attention of riders at first glance since it is something that either ensures complete safety or puts your life in danger. This is exactly why this unit is one of the best – the construction is just unmatched.

It is built from an ABS shell, which provides durability to the helmet. The material allows the product to survive every kind of collision without undergoing physical distortion. It also withstands prolonged exposure to UV rays and keeps the wearer protected.

The product has two visors that can be rearranged. Even if you want only one visor at a time, you can keep it and flip up the other one. On contact with the skin, the inner liner traps sweat, moisture, and bacteria, and is made from a skin-friendly material.

This model boasts astounding aerodynamics suitable for decreasing the whistling noises. For buyers’ convenience, the unit is backed by a five-year warranty, allowing the rider to invest in it without worrying about it malfunctioning.

  • Internal sun shade offers “on the fly” protection from the sun without having to stop and change face shields
  • Velocity flow ventilation system with flowadjust for maximum ventilation and temperature control
  • Lightweight composite polycarbonate alloy shell
  • 2 shell sizes
  • DOT Approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 standard …

8. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet


This is the ideal helmet for people who look for something to be used as both a full-faced and shield-free helmet. It features two visors: black and white. The black one is the sun visor, which you can just flip-up to protect the rider from the sun’s rays.

The white shield is removable, so you easily take it apart or clean it. Both of these shields work great for fog prevention and feature an anti-scratch coating.

Vents have been created on the front and top surface of the helmet, ensuring sufficient airflow so that the helmet stays breathable.

The adjustable strap allows you to set the fittings of the product according to your face cuts. The inner pads are easily removable, which makes cleaning easier and allows you to replace them with pads that you prefer most.

9. LS2 Helmets Modular Strobe Helmet


With the inclusion of numerous vent ports, this helmet boasts a remarkable ventilation system. Plus, all the ports are adjustable, meaning you can set the amount of air intake accordingly. Hence, this model will not let you feel suffocated, even for a moment.

Constructed from topmost-quality Polycarbonate polymer, the visors experience no dents or change in shape, even on great impact. The creative design also keeps the rider at peace on rides. The design also makes it easy to wear and take off the helmet.

Besides this, the product meets the standards of DOT and California Air Resources Board.

Other features include a release strap that allows you to wear the helmet on the go. The twin face shield and sun shield block UV light and reduce glare caused by bright sunlight, ensuring the rider’s safety. Moreover, the surfaces of these shields are scratch-resistant, so that they serve you for long.

Apart from all these capabilities, the fabric of the liner is super comfortable and absorbs moisture. The inner side of the helmet has a cushioned lining to keep the head secure.

Finally, this modular helmet is also backed by a 5-year warranty.

10. ScorpionExo EXO-GT920 Full Face Modular Helmet


This helmet is made out of Advanced LG polycarbonate, which is a reliable choice and well-known because of its unparalleled tensile force and pressure endurance.

The EXO-GT920 has dual-density, multilayered EPS for retaining its shape and structure, even on a heavy impact. This ensures that the rider is provided the utmost safety.

It’s already hot in the summer. To top it off, a closed and concealed helmet body enhances sweating. Sweat and moisture can distract you from concentrating on the road and enjoying the ride. However, that isn’t the case with this model.

Its liner features KwikWick II that absorbs moisture and sweat. Furthermore, it is removable so that you can wash it for the next ride.

Another noteworthy feature is the face shield. There is a protective layer on the surface that resists scratches and fogs, making it a multi-purpose unit. It also inhibits UV light rays from reaching the rider’s body parts hidden underneath the helmet.

  • Premium Polycarbonate shell: Developed by Scorpion, our industry-leading polycarbonate shell is engineered to be lightweight, strong and maximize impact displacement
  • Dual Density EPS: Advanced multi-layer EPS provides superior energy displacement. Large – 23 1/8 – 23 5/8 inches
  • Ever Clear Anti-Fog Face shield: Optically-clear shield with state-of-the-art fog-free technology. Anti-Scratch hardened coating. 100% UV-A & UV-B protection …

Features to Consider

When it comes to buying something that is responsible for your safety, you must ensure that you buy the right unit. In the case of buying a helmet, there are some features that you must consider before you make the final purchase. These include:


Size is one of the essential aspects to be considered before adding a helmet to your cart. Always choose a size that is the most comfortable. For determining the right size, measure the size of your head accurately first. Make sure the product is not too tight on your head. Otherwise, it can be painful on longer rides.


We all know that helmets are supposed to keep us safe from head and facial injuries or fractures. The protection power lies in the strength of the material used in its construction. ABS plastic and polycarbonate propose a great extent of durability. These materials sustain major crashes effectively.

Also, consider the weight of the material. It should be lightweight so that there’s no stress on your neck, shoulders, or head.


This is another important factor to consider. If you are not comfortable in the helmet you are wearing, you will be disturbed throughout the riding session. The aerodynamics, design, and fitting of the helmet should not affect your comfort zone. The inner liner should be padded so that your head stays safe, even on bumpy roads.

The inner fabric should better have moisture-absorbing properties to keep you cool throughout your ride, especially during summers.


Ventilation is also essential to look for. Without proper ventilation, the helmet can feel stuffy, which might hinder your capability of riding. Plus, the lack of proper ventilation can also cause low oxygen availability, which can deter you from riding safely.


Riders are well aware of the importance of helmets, and the helmet industry has also undergone advancements to provide helmets that do their job of protecting people.

Until a few years ago, a prominent problem was the lack of helmets for individuals that wear glasses. However, today, the market is filled with modular helmets for those who wear glasses, and our list includes the top 10 of these. Any of these will make a great investment, provided that you keep features like ventilation, material, safety, and comfort in mind to find a model that best fits your needs. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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