Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets Under 300 – Buyer’s Choice

Whenever someone talks about motorcycle helmets, the initial thoughts that come to mind are somewhere along the lines of price, safety, fit, and comfort.

But can all of these features go hand in hand? Or do you have to let go of one to get the other? That is the real question.

So, can you really get a high-quality helmet under $300, or is it just a myth? Well, you absolutely can!

Durable models don’t have to be expensive anymore. And how do you actually search for models under $300 around the market? Easy, you just continue reading our guide.

Best 10 Modular Motorcycle Helmets Under 300

Finding the ideal motorcycle helmet can be a little tricky, because not only are there so many options to choose from, but there is also a multitude of styles to go for. From full-face helmets to open-face ones, from motocross to modular helmets, there’s a whole array of possibilities.

If you’re someone solely searching for the ultimate modular motorcycle helmet, you’ve come to the right place. We have a whole selection of our top picks from everything that’s available in the market so you can score a real deal without breaking the bank.

Our Favourite Hot Choice Best Pick

1. AHR Run-M Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet



This headgear provides great protection from hard blows. With a design that meets the DOT safety standards, this unit enhances the rider’s safety from all angles. The helmet also offers a six air vent configuration with double visors, the frontal one being wide and clear, and the inner one being dark for an incredible viewing experience.

The helmet claims to be wear and impact resistant. The interior is heavily cushioned for comfortability while the exterior is tough and robust for safety. Fashioning a streamlined aerodynamic design, it’s specially formulated to reduce wind noise and drag. It’s also convenient for washing due to its easily removable liner and cheek pad.

  • Reliable High Quality - AHR RUN-M Modular flip up motorcycle helmet, meets or exceeds DOT safety standards to ensure your safety, features advanced flip up design that enables you to get more air or grab a bite to eat without taking the whole helmet off
  • Make Your Driving Much Safer - Upgraded lightweight ABS shell with a thick, high density fully vented EPS liner; ventilation opening system for air intake and exhaust, which brings you a better protection and comfortable wearing during riding …

2. HJC 980-615 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet



The IS-MAX modular motorcycle helmet is manufactured from a high-quality polycarbonate composite shell that’s lightweight, extremely comfortable, and in compliance with the latest CAD technology. The design highlights a unique single button, one-handed chin bar, or face shield release.

Moreover, the ACS channeling ventilation system allows a modest flow of air through the helmet that minimizes heat and humidity by driving it out. This, combined with the smoke-tinted 3-stage adjustable sun shield that offers a locking mechanism, makes this helmet a great option for your outdoor escapades.

3. LS2 Helmets Modular Strobe Helmet



This particular helmet showcases an excellent design in terms of durability and reliability. Fitting in with the standards as mentioned earlier, it delivers, to its users, a high-quality polycarbonate design along with a twin shield system and a built-in sun shield. The helmet further offers strobe that makes use of a new slide and cable technology.

The face shield is specially designed for superior optics. It is scratch-resistant and has a short shift tool-less quick-release button for opening and closing as you go. Lastly, the kinetic polycarbonate alloy shell offers adjustable ventilation and an aerodynamic structure. To top it all off, it’s very inexpensive.

  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard
  • All LS2 visors are bulit with 3D Optically Correct "A Class" Polycarbonate, a space-age polymer with high resistance to impact, that avoids distortion and offers maximum clarity.
  • Removable and Washable Comfort Liner
  • Quick Release Reinforced Strap
  • All LS2 helmets feature a Dynamic Flow-­through Ventilation. Fully adjustable intake ports and vented EPS work with the rear spoiler and exhaust ports to create a constant, light flow of air helping to keep the rider cool and comfortable …

4. Bell Revolver Evo Modular Motorcycle Helmet



Bell Revolver Evo comes with a body manufactured from aerodynamic polycarbonate material with an ABS composite shell. The helmet comes with an optional tinted shield that can be chosen depending upon the consumer’s preference. The shield system is also click-release for effortless swapping.

It exhibits an integrated speaker pocket and a magnefusion strap keeper. Approved by the department of transportation and in concurrence with the FMVSS 218 standard, the helmet corroborates authenticity and security. It further features a velocity flow ventilation system for cooling and an improved flip down sunshade for optimal visibility. The interior is removable and washable and, additionally, anti-bacterial.

  • Internal sun shade offers “on the fly” protection from the sun without having to stop and change face shields
  • Velocity flow ventilation system with flowadjust for maximum ventilation and temperature control
  • Lightweight composite polycarbonate alloy shell
  • 2 shell sizes
  • DOT Approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 standard …

5. HJC Solid Men’s CL-MAX 3 Modular Street Motorcycle Helmet



Rocking a classic polycarbonate design with an adjustable polycarbonate chin bar, this helmet is a real gem for the money. A single button/single click operates the chin bar and face-shield for convenience, and the ACS ventilation system ensures a constant flow of air in and out while reducing moisture and humidity.

The interior is removable and washable to restrict dirt build-up, and the special glasses compartment caters to individuals who wear specs. The helmet includes an HJ-17 face shield for optical superiority and meets DOT and FMVSS 218 standards.

  • Includes adjustable polycarbonate chin bar
  • Single-Button Chin Bar/Face Shield Release
  • Opens with one hand, even with gloves on
  • ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
  • SuperCool Moisture-Wicking Interior

6. ScorpionEXO Modular/Flip Up Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet



The ScorpionEXO helmet supplies comfort with style. The product’s versatility is carefully crafted so you can wear it with the external peak visor attached for a full-face ADV helmet or remove the peak visor to use it as an aerodynamic touring helmet.

With an advanced LG polycarbonate shell and a dual-density EPS, the helmet promises strength and lightness. The eye-port is specially designed to be over-sized for peripheral vision and downward visibility. Speed view sun visor and KwikWick II liner are incorporated into the product to cater to different lighting conditions as the day goes by. Lastly, the helmet is fog-resistant, which is an imperative feature, especially for the colder weather.

  • Advanced LG Polycarbonate Shell
  • Dual Density EPS
  • Aero-Tuned Ventilation System
  • Ever Clear  No Fog Face shield
  • Over-sized Eye port

7. LS2 Helmets Modular Valiant Helmet



The biggest selling feature for this helmet would have to be the motorcyclist’s ability to ride with the chin bar up and back or the chin bar down while staying within the realm of $300. The design features an intermediate oval head shape that’s a total fit for a large number of riders. The chin vent is easy to open & close, and the sun visor is gear actuated. The helmet is more angled than most round helmets for a better ventilation system.

The LS2 Valiant is made from a high-class proprietary kinetic polymer alloy for an extra robust yet flexible construction. Approved by DOT and meeting the necessary standards, this headgear is quite economical.

  • Twin Shield System drop down sunshield is operated by a cable slider for smooth and dependable sun protection
  • Chin bar flips 180 degrees allowing the rider to easily swap between a full or open helmet
  • Removable, washable comfort padding is breathable and hypoallergenic
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard …

8. TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet



Integrating the most advanced cutting-edge technology in their modular helmets, the TORC T27 offers a great solution to those who seek something that’s lightweight and comfortable without compromising on features or quality. The Bluetooth technology is great for receiving calls, listening to music, or using google maps.

The helmet has a slider-based drop-down visor mechanism while the shell and chin are made from a thermoplastic alloy, which makes it ideal for safety reasons. The ventilation system is up to par, which makes the absorption mechanism inside the helmet very efficient.

Talk-time on this device’s sound system is about eight hours while the standby time is 150 hours, and both DOT and ECE certifies it.

  • 20 percent Smaller with equal protection as the bulky competitors
  • This helmet features significant intake venting and incredible Ventura venting for the rear exhaust
  • One button release mechanism for front chin bar
  • Bluetooth 2. 0 technology allows you to receive and send calls, listen to streaming music in stereo, as well as listen clearly to GPS directions …

9. GMAX MD-01 Adult Stealth Modular Motorcycle Helmet



An ideal choice for cross-country riders, this helmet is equipped with a special SpaSoft DuPont Coolmax interior for a dry and comfortable ride. The interior is lined with charcoal bamboo fiber to eliminate odor and unwanted bacterial infections.

It features a lightweight poly-alloy shell that’s compact; the large size weighs only 4.1 lbs. With its UV400 100% protection face shield that offers both scratch-resistance and clear visibility, you’re bound to get the safety you’ve always wanted.

Lastly, the rear red LED light makes you visible during traffic and adds to the rider’s overall safety and meets the necessary DOT certifications.

  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard.
  • SpaSoft DuPont Coolmax interior keeps you dry and comfortable. Coolmax wicks moisture away from your body and dries quickly. Charcoal bamboo fiber keeps odor away by eliminating bacterial growth
  • Removable, adjustable and washable SpaSoft Coolmax interior allows for easy cleaning and custom fitting …

10. ILM Motorcycle Modular Full-Face Helmet



The ILM Motorcycle Modular Full-Face Helmet provides the ultimate durability and breathability. The lightweight, aerodynamic design makes sure your helmet doesn’t lift up if you’re riding at higher speeds.

An extensive ventilation system is put into place to offer a comfortable and cool experience while driving, and the dual visors make sure you receive optimal visibility whether you’re traveling at night or during intense sunlight. It is also anti-scratch and anti-fog.
The removable inner lining prevents odor and mold growth, so that’s always a plus.

  • Bluetooth 3.0 Technology. 8 Hours of Talk Time and 110 Hours of Standby. Fully Washable Microfiber Liner and Adjustable Vents. This Helmet May Run 1 Size Smaller Due to Built-in Bluetooth Module. The size of this helmet: M: 55-56CM, L: 57-58CM, XL: 59-60CM.
  • One Touch Control for Calling, Answering, Rejecting Incoming Calls and Redialing. Incoming Phone Call Overrides Intercom, Music, FM Radio and GPS Navigation Audio …

What Can You Expect Under 300?

If you’re someone who’s not really interested in spending a fortune on motorcycle helmets but are curious to know what the world has to offer within a range of $300, read below because we’ve hit exactly that mark.

Shell Materials

The outer shell of your motorcycle helmet is one of the most important components that is designed using specific materials depending upon the price range, so what materials can you score for a helmet that’s under your budget?


Polycarbonate is the lowest-priced shell material you can get. But that doesn’t mean it’s cheap in quality as well. It offers great absorption of impact force, making it durable but also economical.


The next option you have is a fiberglass shell material. Now, this is a little more expensive than polycarbonate. The fiber shell will crush upon impact, which provides excellent protection, but it can also split if it encounters a higher impact.

Carbon Fiber

The most expensive shell material of all and evidently, the strongest is carbon fiber. The result of using this material is a lighter-than-usual helmet that offers increased protection from penetration by distributing the impact force all over the shell.


Safety should never be a trade-off for the price, so always opt for helmets that have specific safety features like a chin strap, removable cheek pads, and the release system installed. It’s highly dangerous to wear a headgear that’s cheap in terms of both price and quality because it can cost you your life. Today, we have a ton of great options that are affordable yet sturdy and robust.

So, whenever you go out to buy one, always look for one manufactured from durable materials that can withstand any impact force. It should also meet the necessary safety standards and requirements, i.e., DOT (Department of Transportation) and ECE (Economic Commission for Europe), depending upon your geographical location. Also, make sure it is appropriate for the type of riding you will go for since this is a very important factor to consider.


We’ve come a long way from the old technologies and evidently, the designs that once existed. Progression in terms of both has enabled manufacturers to craft a range of models, one for every price point. We’ve tried to give an in-depth analysis of what you can get within a price point of $300, i.e., if you’re on a budget. So, remember to check everything before you make a transaction. It’s obviously a matter of life and death.

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