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The right kind of helmet is an important investment for any bike rider, as it is an essential safety measure that absolutely can’t be taken for granted. There are several types of helmets, such as open-face, full-face, modular helmet, etc., and each helmet brings something different to the table and has its own benefits and setbacks.

However, people often have a burning question, which is whether or not one can wear a modular helmet open. Yes, one can definitely wear a modular helmet open, but there are risks to it. One of them is reduced security, which is why it isn’t recommended.

Modular Helmet Open Wearing

Modular helmets are known to be the perfect amalgamation of an open-faced and a full-face helmet as they have a chin bar that can be flipped open if needed for food, drinks, fresh air, etc. The basic idea behind the design of modular helmets is to provide a certain level of comfort to the consumer without compromising too much safety.

If you often go on bike rides, then one of the major concerns for you is the wind noise reduction capability of the helmet as prolonged exposure to it can lead to permanent ear damage. Modular helmets have chin guards that help in reducing noise.

Wearing a modular helmet open simply means to flip up the visor and chin bar to expose the front of the helmet. The million-dollar question is whether or not a modular helmet should be worn open. If you are still wondering, then perhaps looking at the advantages and disadvantages will help you make a decision. Once you are aware of what the odds are, you can choose what works for you.

Modular Helmet Recommendations for Open Riding


There are several advantages of wearing a modular helmet open. These can be attributed to the impeccable and highly innovative design of the modular helmet, which is one of the reasons why it is such a popular choice for amateurs, professionals, law enforcement, etc. Let’s take a look at them:

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In case you want to have a conversation with a friend or fellow biker while stopping, an open modular helmet can be an effective way to do so. You don’t completely need to take your helmet off so you can maintain your personal space yet have a conversation with the other person. Modular helmets are often worn by law enforcement personnel (traffic police) for the same reason as they allow one to communicate with the person in front by simply lowering the chin bar.

Fresh Air

Tourers, adventure riders, etc. often wear modular helmets. They allow one to have the safety and security of wearing a helmet while driving at high speed without missing out on breathing in the fresh air. If it’s important for you to experience the atmosphere, fresh air, and surroundings when you go for a ride, then an open modular helmet can help with that.

Eating and Drinking

Long bike rides can provide a much needed, magical escape from your hectic everyday routine. However, as much fun as long bike rides are, when you’re on one, you are bound to get hungry or thirsty. When that is the case, you simply need to adjust your modular helmet’s chin bar, have a snack, or drink water and put the chin bar back in place, and you’re good to go. Thus, it’s safe to say that an open modular helmet can be pretty convenient.


There is no such thing as the perfect product, and when it comes to wearing a modular helmet open, it has its fair share of serious disadvantages. It’s important to be aware of it so you can take the necessary measures to minimize any damage. Let’s take a look at these disadvantages:

Reduced Security

People often ask whether or not a modular helmet has reduced safety in comparison to more full coverage helmets, and the answer is yes, it does. Modular helmets can be less secure when they are open as you are more susceptible to damage. Statistics suggest that in the case of a bike accident, the chin area has a high risk of damage. If you have an open modular helmet while riding, you have reduced impact resistance; therefore, there is less safety.


Due to the fact that modular helmets feature movable parts and therefore have hinges, they tend to be heavier than other helmets like full-face helmets. Thus, if you are someone who wants to have a lightweight ride, you should steer clear of them. You will be able to notice a difference in weight when compared to other helmet types, which may be acceptable to some and not so much to others.

Legal or Illegal

One of the biggest concerns people have is whether or not it is legal to ride with an open modular helmet. It is important to understand that the road rules of every state are different, and what is legal in one may not be in the other. It isn’t, as per se, written in the road rules that riding with a modular helmet is illegal. However, the law clearly does state that goggles or eyeglasses made of safe plastic are necessary for eye protection of adult bikers while riding. However, the passenger isn’t required to wear them if they are already wearing a helmet.

You are most likely to get away with it, especially if the weather is hot or for any other obvious reason. However, it is considered to be unsafe riding with an open modular helmet. In addition to that, some modular helmet designs have been able to get certified to be used in an upright position.


Riding a bike is a passion for some and a job requirement for others; however, safety gear and equipment should always be the top priority for any bike rider. Modular helmets are a popular choice of helmets for bike riders due to their convenience. However, many people wonder if it’s okay and legal to wear a modular helmet open. There are several aspects, such as safety, legal considerations, etc., which decide whether or not that can be the case.

Therefore, the idea behind this post was to provide you with all the information necessary in this regard. It touches upon not just the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a modular helmet open but also whether or not it’s legal to do so, the difference between a modular and full-face helmet, etc. Have fun riding! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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