How to Mount a GoPro on a Modular Helmet? – Best Mounting Options

If you are an avid adventure seeker who is always ready to capture your best moments on camera, you probably own a GoPro. A helmet mount for your GoPro is the best solution if you want to take shots of your excursions without the quality of the videos wobbling or shaking.

There are different ways that you can mount the GoPro onto your modular helmet, and one of them is using a chest harness or directly mounting your GoPro onto the bike. You can also use a gimbal to mount on your helmet, and there are ones that will work perfectly with your phone as well.

In this guide, we will provide you with some of the best GoPro helmet mounts if you own a modular helmet. There are different kinds of mounts that you can choose from, depending on your style and need, and there is one for each kind of user.

Getting a helmet mount for your GoPro will help you fully encapsulate your experience and make it worthy of being replayed and uploaded on social media. Keep on reading if you want to know more about helmet mounts for your GoPro!

Helmet Mounting Locations

There are several reasons people mount their GoPros on their helmets, with the first being the angle of shots. Mounting the GoPro on your helmet will give you a better view in case you are racing or even if you are just out for an adventure.

Moreover, it is a good way to measure your performance in riding accurately and how to fix issues. Also, some people love making videos and uploading them on social media, which is why they mount their GoPros on their helmets.

Lastly and most importantly, people find mounting GoPros on their helmets to be safer, as they know that it is attached perfectly and will not come in the way of them riding the bike.

However, the most important aspect that should be considered when mounting your GoPro onto the helmet is the location that should be used. There are several locations where you can mount the GoPro, and it depends on what you actually want to use it for, so let’s go over those and decide which is the best one:

Chin Motorcycle Helmet Mount

Mounting the GoPro on the chin has become a new thing for most adventure seekers. This is because it has been proven to provide the best point of view for shooting, and the videos taken appear to be from an eye level.

Mounting on the chin is the closest that you can get to shooting on an eye-level, which will give you true visual footage. It is also an aerodynamic place as the wind will not interrupt the footage or move the helmet around. Any vibrations or turbulence while riding will also not have a huge impact on the footage quality.

Also, the GoPro can be attached easily with an external mic also embedded within the helmet. It is also very easily mountable and detachable, which makes it convenient.

Top Motorcycle Helmet Mount

Mounting your GoPro on the top is one of the most common places that people use, and it could either be in the middle or on the front of the helmet. However, its commonality does not make the location the most suitable one.

Top-mounted GoPros are used to capture what the user can see when he/she is riding the motorcycle. It can also be pointed back so that the viewer can see the reaction of the user. If you are a racer, then pointing the camera in the viewer’s direction is the best way to get the right tracks to follow for a motocross pre-race.

One advantage of mounting a motorcycle helmet mount on the top is that it provides you with the closest feel that you can get of a POV shot. It is also at the top, so that means that any vibrations or movements while riding the motorcycle will not have much effect on the quality of the footage.

However, if the racer or rider is powering at full speed, the camera can cause drag or resistance on your helmet, which can slow you down as your head will start to feel heavy.

Moreover, if you are riding in an off-road space, there is a danger attached to mounting the GoPro on the top of your head as there are chances to hit a few things above it.

Side Motorcycle Helmet Mount

Mounting the GoPro on the side of your helmet has become increasingly popular, especially if you own a modular helmet. While mounting the camera on top of your head or below your chin will give you a more centered angle, the side mount gives a more off-center view in the footage.

This option has a few advantages. The view may be a little offset or not centered, but it still gives a very close POV feel to the user when riding the bike. The side mounting of the camera also does not affect the camera much when there is any sort of vibration or turbulence while riding.

Along with those advantages, the biggest one is that the side mount does not provide much drag or resistance to the rider as it is more low profile and does not weigh down the helmet.

However, if the camera is mounted on the side, the rider can experience wind drag to one side if the speed is increased. You can also see the head motions very clearly with the side mount, which can affect the footage’s overall quality. You will also almost always see a part of the helmet within the shot if you mount the camera to the side.

Best Location

The best location depends on the type or quality of footage you are looking for, and you need to take into account your own needs and wants when it comes to mounting. However, the location with the most point of view visuals and less resistance is the chin mount.

Best 8 GoPro Mount for Modular Helmets

Let us now dive into the pros and cons of the eight different models that we have picked out so you can be sure and decisive about which one to choose.

1. GoPro Helmet Front + Side Official GoPro Mount

gopro helmet mount


What makes this unit one of the best is that it is useful for mounting the GoPro on the side or the front of the helmet, and it is equipped with the swivel mount assembly for adjusting the camera in different angles. It also comes with a one-year warranty from the GoPro manufacturer. Therefore, this mount provides not only versatility but also ease of use.


  • Swivel mount allows easy assembly and adjustment of the camera
  • The front and side mounting is pretty versatile
  • Comes with a user-friendly mounting buckle
  • Mount is compatible with all the GoPro camera models
  • Provides maximum adjustability for any kind of shots


  • The contact area of the mount onto the helmet is quite small
  • Mount needs to be slightly longer for better viewing angles

2. Taisioner Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Strap for GoPro

motorcycle helmet chin mount strap


With this package, you won’t need anything else to mount your GoPro since it comes with everything you would need. It includes a helmet chin mount strap, a fixed strap, two folding adapters, and two GoPro screws. It is ideally used for the Shoei RF series and other kinds of curved chin helmets. It is also compatible with most action cameras such as the GoPro Hero versions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.


  • Angle and direction of the camera can easily be adjusted according to the users’ preferences
  • PC material is very high-quality as well as lightweight for easy riding
  • Helmet strap, when used with the folding mount, provides the best shooting angle for video
  • Compatible with many different models of cameras
  • Set stabilizing and smooth shooting


  • The nylon strap unravels for some users
  • Not beneficial for full-face helmets

3. SUREWO Aluminum Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

surewo aluminum motorcycle helmet chin mount


There are a number of things that compelled us to add this unit to our list. The package includes an aluminum helmet chin mount, one GoPro screw, six adhesive pads, an adapter, an aluminum wrench, and a safety rope buckle. Moreover, it has an all-metal construction with a stronger bracket, which adds to its durability. Plus, it promises versatility since it can be installed using various methods, whichever you find most convenient.


  • The aluminum helmet mount is very lightweight
  • Updated version from the plastic mount makes it sturdier and long-lasting
  • Equipped with a one-piece curved base which helps the user fit in the helmet better
  • Special aluminum wrench included with the package
  • Firmer and higher in quality, making it more durable


  • Stick adhesive pads do not hold up for a long time
  • Installation is not very simple

4. Adhesive Mounts for GoPro Cameras

adhesive mounts gopro


This is the ideal pick for adventure-lovers since it can easily be used for various excursions without the fear of breaking it. The package includes 3 Nordic Flash curved adhesive mounts and three flat adhesive mounts with 3M stickers and premium packaging. It is an ideal kit for skiing, watersports, climbing, and mountain biking. It is also compatible with any sort of GoPro camera model, which is an added bonus and is suitable for a larger audience.


  • Easily attachable with any surface, be it flat or curved
  • Must-have for any adventure or excursion, such as biking or skiing or water sports
  • Fully and easily adjustable to fit all kinds of GoPro models
  • Highly durable with industrial strength and waterproof quality
  • Comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • Some users had trouble with the lack of stickiness of the adhesives
  • Not ideal for every kind of user

5. GoPro Grab Bag

gopro grab bag


This is another mount that makes for a great option. The package includes flat and curved adhesive mounts, two mounting buckles, 3-way pivot arm, and a short, flat, and long thumbscrew. Moreover, the mount is compatible with all GoPro cameras in the market, so you won’t have to worry about investing in different mounts for different models. It also comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, adding to the users’ convenience.


  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras
  • OEM mounts and screws are stronger than plastic ones
  • Mounts also have anti-vibration grommet that sticks to the helmet
  • Gives you a perfect viewing angle on your helmet
  • Versatile and provides many options for mounting


  • Not very durable as compared to other models
  • Not very easy to mount on curved surfaces as the adhesive foam is not thick

6. Woleyi Action Camera Adhesived Curved & Flat Mounts

woleyi action camera accessories


One thing that makes this unit stand out is that it comes with both an adhesive flat mount and an adhesive curved mount. The package also includes two thumbscrews, one ¼ screw thread, a release buckle, and one j-hook buckle mount. It is ideal for cycling, mountain biking, skiing, and other outdoor activities. The mount fits most GoPro models and other ordinary cameras as well, which adds to its versatility.


  • Keeps your camera tight and stable
  • Connects all the components together well for a good fit
  • Good-quality design and construction of the mount
  • Helps you in recording the best moments
  • An outdoor accessory which is quite versatile and widely used


  • Not as durable as the other models
  • Compatibility is not with all GoPro models

7. WLPREOE Motorcycle Riding Helmet Chin Mount Kit

motorcycle riding helmet chin mount


It’s no surprise that this unit is on the list since this is a whole kit that provides everything you would need for mounting your camera. The package includes a motorcycle helmet chin mount, five curved mounts, five flat mounts, ten adhesive pads, 3 J-Hook buckles, two safety buckles, five long screws, one wrench, and three silicone lock buckles. It is an adjustable mount with up to 180-degree rotation and is ideal for motorcycle riding. Plus, it provides a number of benefits, including stability, durability, and safety.


  • Comes with adhesive anchors for added safety and stability
  • Allows the camera to be placed in 10 places at the same time
  • Safety rope can be after installation for double protection
  • Waterproof adhesive mounts that stay put and latch onto any surface
  • Easily removable adhesive that does not take a lot of time or effort


  • Clips are made of plastic which is not very durable
  • Does not work well with dirt bike helmets

8. TELESIN Motorcycle Helmet Strap Mount Front Chin Mount

telesin motorcycle helmet strap mount


A number of things make this mount stand out. It works well with Shoei RF, Bell Qualifier, and other curved chin modular helmets. The camera’s direction and angle are fully adjustable on the mount, and it is compatible with most GoPro camera models. It is also very elegant and is quite durable. Plus, it allows you to change the camera’s direction and is easy to install too.


  • Unique and impressive design for an elegant finish
  • Designed with industrial-grade high-quality materials for added strength
  • Easy to install and detach the mount when needed
  • Direction of the camera can be changed accordingly to POV
  • Mounts fit easily and snugly on the helmet and is super lightweight yet strong


  • The chin mount does not point high enough
  • Plastic grips do not latch onto the nylon straps strongly


These were the different kinds of GoPro mounts that you will find in the market today. Whether you would prefer a top, side, or chin mount is up to you, but do weigh out the pros and cons first. You should also make sure that the mount you get is compatible with your camera.

Along with that, you need to ensure that the mount is suitable for the kind of excursion you need it for. All of the above mounts are suitable for modular helmets, but you need to check whether they would be appropriate for your adventure.

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