Modular Motorcycle Helmet vs Half Helmet – Comparison Guide

After years of research and advancements in the global motorcycle industry, the rider’s safety is still not guaranteed. This is the main reason for the increasing efforts to introduce newer motorcycle helmet designs and to offer the user a product that meets their requirements. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be comparing modular helmets with half helmets and discuss the pros and cons of both these types.

Which is Better – Modular or Half Motorcycle Helmet?

Modular motorcycle helmets offer more protection to the rider, as compared to half helmets. Sports bike riders and high-speed riders mostly use these. Meanwhile, the half motorcycle helmets are favored by cruises because of the stylish look and uncovered ears for better hearing.


The top priority in your mind while looking for a motorcycle helmet should be safety. It is the primary purpose of any motorcycle helmet. A motorcycle helmet is the most important unit of protective equipment. Head injuries are the leading cause of death and disability in the United States. By wearing a helmet, the risk of a head injury is reduced by 69 percent, and the risk of death is reduced by 42 percent.

There are multiple types of motorcycle helmets available in the market with various models. The type of helmet you choose depends on what type of rider you are. Sports bike riding or high-speed racing requires a full-face or modular helmet, as it provides much more safety to the rider. It covers your head fully, giving you maximum protection.
On the other hand, most cruisers prefer half helmets. These are nowhere as safe as full or modular helmets. However, They suit the cruising speed better as the ears are not covered by it, so it is better for hearing. This is a more stylish helmet as well if compared to a full helmet. A half helmet is much lighter in weight, too.


As the competition in the helmet industry increases, there are many more factors involved in making a quality helmet. Safety remains the priority, but comfort is something that is highly demanded. People want their helmets to be comfortable so they can be worn for longer periods without any nuisance.
The designs of motorcycle helmets have significantly improved with time. There are many added features that make the rider feel relaxed and completely focused on the road without feeling irritated by the helmet.
Several elements are involved in making a helmet comfortable. The primary factor can be weight. Modern helmets are now being made from high-grade carbon fiber. This material is ultra-lightweight and highly durable, too. A carbon fiber helmet adds no extra weight and is robust, as well.
Secondly, the helmet’s inner padding plays a vital role in deciding the comfort level of a helmet. Some newer models have inflatable inner padding, which helps to adjust the helmet according to the rider. This makes the helmet fit many different sizes and shapes. Furthermore, there are additional elements like integrated sunscreen visors, noise cancellation features, and increased airflow for increased comfort.


Most bikers pay special attention to their bike and other accessories to make them look more stylish. To accommodate this, the manufacturers put in extra effort to introduce newer and unique designs to increase their customer base. Some helmets have spoilers added to their back, whereas others have fashionable visors.
There are various models with numerous designs available in the market, as well as in online stores. Different people have different requirements and have distinct styles; therefore, they prefer certain elements over others. Now, we’ll discuss the two main elements that define the style of a motorcycle helmet.


The shape and the size of any person are different from another one. Everybody has a unique head shape, hence requiring the matching size. Therefore, you will find motorcycle helmets of numerous sizes available. Some newer models even have a size adjustment feature to allow the rider for optimal fitting.


The design of the helmet sets the tone for the overall look. Whether it is a half helmet or a modular one, the design defines the final look of the unit. Modular helmets are hybrid ones, which are a mix of full-face and open-face helmets. They provide the rider with the option of converting and adjusting the design for their specific use. Meanwhile, half helmets are favored by cruisers for a smart look.

Half Helmets

half motorcycle helmet

A half helmet, also known as “shorty” in the United States, is the same as an open-face helmet but without ear coverage. It offers the minimum coverage that is allowed by the U.S. and UK regulations. These are mostly used by cruisers or road racers because of their stylish look and the increasing comfort they promise. Listed below are some of the pros and cons of half helmets that will help you understand the functionality in a better way.


  • Riding with a half helmet lets you enjoy a bike experience fully as you can feel more air and be relaxed while riding.
  • They promise much better fitting as compared to other types of motorcycle helmets. They fit just like a top hat, making it much easier to find the perfect fit.
  • Their lightweight and compact design doesn’t annoy the rider or cause any additional fatigue, in the case of long drives.
  • You will experience no suffocation or shortness of breath, as there is complete air ventilation due to the open design of the helmet.
  • You don’t have to take off the helmet to talk with a fellow rider, so it allows much clearer communication.


  • Choosing a half helmet means you’ll have to compromise on safety if compared to a full-face or modular helmet.
  • These are not weather-friendly and can cause hindrance while riding in tricky weather conditions like rain or snow.

Modular Motorcycle Helmet

hjc lightest modular helmet

A modular motorcycle helmet is a hybrid between a full-face and open-face helmet. It can be converted from one type to another with the help of a hinge. This allows the user to make most of the features from both types of helmets, at the price of one. These are also known as flip-up or convertible helmets.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of owning a modular helmet. Let’s discuss them too.


  • Modular helmets provide you with better overall versatility by giving you the best of both types of helmets.
  • They give much more protection as compared to an open-face helmet while having the option to convert it.
  • A modular motorcycle helmet allows easy changing from a full-face to an open-face, increasing the functionality of the unit.
  • It causes much less fatigue due to the option of flipping up and letting in more air, in case of fatigue or agitation.
  • Modular helmets allow easy communication when required. There’s no need to take off your helmet again and again when you want to chat with another biker.


  • They are much noisier if compared to a genuine full-face helmet
  • They are heavier in weight due to the added components, like the hinge and locking mechanism


To sum it up, you now have a much better understanding of the difference between a modular motorcycle helmet and a half helmet. The in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of both the types will help you identify what helmet suits you the most and what disadvantages it has, compared to the other designs.

Modern modular helmets are surely a game-changer for the helmet industry due to the involvement of various technological aspects. Using lightweight yet robust materials like carbon fiber has made modular helmets more popular than ever before.

In conclusion, the type of helmet to be chosen by a rider depends on what the usage and requirements are. The rider should match the pros and cons of both types of helmets and match them with his demands. This will help in choosing the most suitable motorcycle helmet.

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