Modular Motorcycle Helmet vs Open Face – Comparison Guide

A modular motorcycle helmet is a cross between a full and an open-faced helmet. It covers the entire head and face while the frontal part can flip up when needed. An open-face helmet covers and protects the head.

Given a choice between a modular and open-face motorcycle helmet, we would say that a modular helmet is certainly better. It combines the great features of both full and open-faced helmets. It offers better protection of the two while allowing more freedom at the same time.

Modular Motorcycle Helmet

A modular motorcycle helmet is actually a hybrid of both full and open-faced helmets. It allows you to avail the best of both worlds by being versatile in its functionality. It looks quite similar to a full-face helmet, but with the press of a button, the front side flips up. Let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of a modular motorcycle helmet.

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Out of all the six different categories of helmets available on the market, we find that a modular motorcycle helmet is the most practical. It will protect you if you are met with an accident, which is quite common for motorbike riders. And it will also enable you to appreciate nice weather with a fresh breeze blowing on your face. Here are some advantages that a modular helmet poses over an open-faced one.

Keep You Safe

The main purpose of a motorcycle helmet is safety. They are designed to prevent injuries to the head and brain in case of a crash. But a modular motorcycle goes a step ahead and protects the face, ears, and neck as well. Safety is the number one concern in its construction. And the models available these days are considered some of the safest ones on the market.

Comfortable to Use

Comfort is a feature you can’t ignore. For a regular motorcyclist, a comfortable helmet is a pure luxury. An uncomfortable one can be distracting, and a moment’s distraction can be fatal while riding. A modular motorcycle helmet excels in this department. It is less confining and restricting than a full-face helmet, and at the same time, it protects you from dust and debris. Furthermore, you can adjust the visor and chin guard according to your comfort.

Versatile in functionality

Just like a full-face helmet, a modular motorcycle helmet also provides complete facial protection against bugs and dirt. But unlike a full-face helmet, you don’t need to take it off when you want to talk, eat, or drink. Simply press a button, and the frontal part will lift up. This makes it a versatile device that can adapt to suit the demands of its user.


While a modular motorcycle helmet is our pick for the better helmet because of its versatility, it has its own set of disadvantages. Here are some disadvantages commonly associated with one.

Lower Crash Protection Rate

The collapsing frontal part is definitely convenient. However, it also compromises the integrity of the shell. This is the main reason modular helmets are rated lower in crash protection. The crack between the two parts not only makes it vulnerable but is also responsible for letting wind and dust in.

Locking Mechanism is Heavy

Because of its hinge and locking mechanism, a modular helmet is heavier and bulkier as compared to an open-faced one. The mechanism itself is not only heavy but is also prone to malfunction. There have been reports of the helmet getting jammed shut or sometimes failing to lock at all.

Open Face Helmet

An open-face helmet is called so because it covers the entire head while leaving the face open. It is also referred to as a half-face helmet. In the event of a crash, it will effectively protect your head from injuries. It also allows the rider to feel more wind on the face. Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of using an open face helmet.

open face helmet


An open-face helmet is a popular choice amongst women and cruise bike riders. They are available in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from, and are appreciated by men, women, and children of all ages. Here are some advantages that come with an open-face helmet.

Enhance Appearance

Wearing an open-face helmet immediately improves your appearance. Some people went as far as to claim that if you don’t wear one, you are not a real biker. It comes with an aura that immediately boosts your attitude and confidence that is actually visible.

Offer More freedom

An open-face helmet is the most liberating one. Eating, drinking, talking, etc. all are a piece of cake when you have it on. With no chin guard blocking your mouth, you can talk easily and even hear what others are saying clearly. Riders with glasses don’t need to remove them while putting it on or taking it off. Smokers can also smoke without any hindrance. You can even scratch your face whenever you want.

Provide a Better View

It allows the rider to observe his surroundings better. With the advantage of a peripheral view, riders can enjoy the wide range of views it delivers. With no visors or guards blocking their field of vision, users can keep a better eye on their surroundings. This feature comes in handy, especially while navigating through heavy traffic.


Unlike full-face and modular helmets, an open-face helmet does not tire its wearer with extra weight. It has the advantage of being the lightest helmet out there. Hence, riders can keep it on for longer without having to deal with a sore neck.


While there are numerous advantages associated with an open-face helmet, there are some disadvantages that cannot be ignored as well. We have described them in detail below.

Lower Safety Protection

Since an open-face helmet only covers the head, the face is left unprotected and exposed. In the event of an accident, there is a 20 percent chance of a face collision, which will result in serious facial injuries as it completely fails at protecting the face. That’s why they have the lowest crash protection rate.

Cannot Keep Dust and Debris Out

An open-face helmet allows its user to enjoy a fresh and cool breeze on their face. But along with the wind, dust, bugs, stones, and other road detritus also hit their face. That’s why you will see riders sporting open-face helmets also wearing protective goggles and face masks. However, the extra accessories can get annoying and uncomfortable.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle riders are at 27 times more risk of crashing than passenger vehicle occupants. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that helmets were responsible for preventing around 1,859 accidental deaths in 2016.

With such alarming statistics, the importance of wearing a quality helmet cannot be stressed enough. While open-face helmets are certainly convenient, they do not offer the same protection as a modular motorcycle helmet. With a combination of convenience and comfort, you can’t go wrong with a modular motorcycle helmet.

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