Motorcycle Helmet Accessories

Helmets are an essential piece of riding gear. They protect your face, neck, and head from injuries while blocking wind and dirt particles that can distract you during a ride. However, a motorcycle helmet is more than just protection equipment. Though ideally designed to keep you safe, adding some accessories can work as an extension of your personality.

The right set of accessories will not only enhance your personal style but also help you have a comfortable riding experience. With a plethora of options on the market, all you need is to pick the one that projects the image you are striving for.

Make your way through this article to learn all about motorcycle helmet accessories that not only increase safety but also showcase your personality.

Helmet Wear

Whether you like to move through rowdy trails or ride a bike, even just to work, wearing a helmet is necessary. However, there are a number of helmet accessories that can protect you from impacts and collisions while giving you a badass look.


Worn under the helmet, a balaclava works as an additional layer of protection. Wearing this piece of cloth helps you stay warm and dry in extreme weather situations. These are made using different materials, including nylon, neoprene as well as multi-fiber blends.

This equipment has multiple types. Some of them have a solid front that is perfect for protecting your face from road debris, rain, and dust. Others are convertible and can be worn as a full balaclava, half mask, neck warmer, and ninja hood. Hoodless balaclavas have become quite popular among bike riders for their ability to stay in place. This way, you don’t have to take the helmet off and adjust the balaclava again and again.

While most of them are available in plain black color, you can find some in other colors and patterns to create a unique style. The fit is generally universal, which works for most people.


Helmet Face Shield

While you can wear stylish safety sunglasses, a helmet face shield is an expert-approved alternative. This equipment not only covers your eyes but also protects your nose and mouth. It is generally made of high-quality plastic, and the rigid exterior keeps dust and road debris at bay.

This protective gear is quite popular among those who are adventurers at heart as the full face coverage keeps the commonly injured areas safe in the event of a fall, thereby ensuring protection on rough trails.

Helmet Cheek Pads

Ideally designed to provide extra protection to the sides of the head in a helmet, cheek pads can be a great addition to your riding gear. The padding is extremely versatile as it even helps you customize the fit of the helmet so you can ride without any inconvenience. You can go for thicker or thinner padding as per your preference. Most of them are made using polyurethane and polystyrene to ensure long-lasting performance.

Helmet Pivot Kit

A pivot kit is present in almost all impact helmets. It secures the face shield on both sides of the helmet. Basically, a pivot kit has all the hardware that allows easy attachment of the shield to give your helmet a new look. There are screws and two gear plates included in the kit, one for each side of the helmet.

Helmet Buckle

A perfect fit is necessary to get the highest level of head protection. A helmet buckle helps you get the required fit and keeps the helmet in place during the ride. There are various types of helmet buckles, including quick-release buckles that use a single button to release. Such buckles generally feature a toothed tab that goes into the plastic buckle.

Similarly, there are D-ring buckles that are relatively cheaper and reliable but difficult to fasten for some riders. You can find these buckles in various colors and patterns to match your riding gear.

helmet buckle

Helmet Face Mask

Helmet face masks are a new alternative to full-face shields. These are worn under the helmet and serve as a barrier against dust and dirt while preventing windburn. Large debris can even lead to scratches and serious skin irritation. Wearing a face mask can keep your skin comfortable and safe.

Helmet face masks are made from different types of materials, including plastic, polyester, mesh nylon, and neoprene, to make them comfortable and durable. Most of them are even insulated and offer water resistance. You can find them in various colors, designs, and patterns to both accessorize and enhance your next riding adventure.

Helmet Center Pad

A helmet center pad, as the name suggests, is an inner lining in the helmet. It is designed to absorb the impact of a collision and keep your head safe from any injury. Made from polystyrene and polypropylene, this protective accessory is available in different sizes and thicknesses to meet your preferences.

However, the interior lining wears out faster than other motorcycle helmet accessories and requires replacement for a firmer fit and fresher feel.

Helmet Liner

Made from a clothing material, a helmet liner is a soft padded head covering for protection. The thin layer between the scalp and helmet prevents irritation by wicking moisture away from the skin. It also helps to keep the head warm on cold rides. You can find a liner in various sizes and materials to suit your needs.

helmet liner

Helmet Decorations

You can also add some stylish decorative accessories to your helmet to make a style statement.

Helmet Spoiler

A helmet spoiler is generally placed at the rear of the helmet to give it an elevated look. It is generally made from plastic and is available in various colors to complement your motorcycle helmet. You only need to peel it and stick it on.

Helmet Spray Paints

Give your motorcycle a customized and fresh look using spray paints. These are quite easy to apply. You can choose from a range of colors and make your helmet different from traditional ones using your creativity.

Most of them are generally water-based and, therefore, safe to use on helmets. You can directly apply them to the helmet’s surface and give it a cool appearance.

Helmet Mohawks

Helmet mohawks give a Roman-ish style to your helmet. These are basically flexible strips made from rubber that may vary slightly in design. There is an adhesive on the back that you need to peel off to stick the mohawk to the helmet.

Helmet mohawks are available in multiple colors, and some even feature beautiful reflective stickers on each side to give a glowy appearance in the dark.

helmet mohawk

Helmet Spikes

Helmet spikes are one of the funniest motorcycle helmet accessories and can help you create a trendy look. These spikes are a screw-on accessory, and you need to drill down a hole through the helmet’s surface to fit them. There are stick-on options available as well. You can either put a single big spike on top of the helmet or arrange a couple of them in a quirky pattern.

Helmet Bows

Accessorize your favorite helmet with funky bows. Placing a single bow on the helmet can jazz up the helmet. Available in a range of colors and patterns, helmet bows can help bring your creativity to life. Most of the pieces are attached to a Velcro that sticks to the flat surface of the helmet, so you don’t have to struggle with gluing them down. You can easily transfer it to another helmet whenever needed.

Helmet Horns

Those looking to add a devilish touch to the helmet could really use helmet horns. With a suction cup at the base, these horns can be easily attached to smooth surfaces. You can place two of them in parallel or add a single one to the center of the helmet, just like a unicorn. Or you can be more creative and line them up in the form of a mohawk for a unique look.

Helmet Cat Ears

Turn any helmet into a cat ear helmet using this decorative accessory. These are made from industrial-grade rubber and feature an adhesive base to easily attach to a smooth surface. With a variety of color and size options, helmet cat ears can truly make your helmet stand out.

Helmet Cat Ears

Helmet Pigtails

Available in a multitude of color choices, helmet pigtails can be really fun to customize. These are generally 12 inches long and can be braided, curled, or straightened as per your taste. Just attach them to your helmet and get ready to turn some heads.

Helmet Ponytails

Just like pigtails, you can use a helmet ponytail for a trendy look. You can play with different color combinations and styles. Just add a ponytail to the back or sides of your helmet and wave it around.

Helmet Decals and Stickers

Helmet decals and stickers are some of the easiest accessories to install on your helmet. A decal is basically a design, pattern, or image transferred to a smooth surface using water or heat. On the other hand, a sticker can be directly placed on the surface. You can choose some cool options and customize your helmet without having to spend a fortune.

Helmet Tech

Helmet tech can transform your ride into an enjoyable expedition easily. Some great helmet tech to check out are:

Helmet Audio and Communication

Cords can be a pain, and that’s where a helmet audio device comes into play. Adding an audio device can help you enjoy your favorite jam on the road. Bluetooth communicators are also great as they offer the power of a smartphone in the helmet. Adding such accessories can help you communicate with your friends and stay in touch with them on the roads.

Helmet GoPro and Helmet Cameras

Invest in a high-end GoPro or helmet camera to both record your adventurous expeditions and keep you safe on busy roads. Just attach this versatile accessory to the front of the helmet and share your fun moments with the world in HD or 4K. Some quality models are even equipped with GPS and lights to make your rides easier and safer at night.

motorcycle riding helmet chin mount

Helmet Lights

Make your night rides safer and faster with helmet lights. These small and inexpensive accessories can get you through dark and dingy areas safely and easily. You can mount them on your helmet for improved visibility. Plus, they look great too.

You can even customize the helmet with neon lights for something unique. Some models are even remote-controlled for convenience.

Helmet Maintenance

Since it protects your skull, you know how crucial a helmet is. However, it also requires some care and maintenance to last you for a while.

Helmet Wall Mount

A helmet wall mount offers safe storage for your helmet when it is not in use. This hook-shaped accessory is simple to install and does not cost much. It is space-efficient, super convenient, and offers easy access to your helmet.


Helmet Cleaner

Helmets tend to get dirty as motorcycles kick off a lot of dirt and dust on terrains. A helmet cleaner ensures the removal of debris and oil from both the exterior and interior of the helmet. You can also find antibacterial options that deodorize and disinfect the helmet, leaving it smelling fresh for your next ride.

Helmet Lock

Keep your expensive and favorite helmet safe from thieves with a helmet lock. This is a carabiner-style lock that features a rubberized coating on the loop to prevent scratches on the helmet surface. These locks use a combination locking mechanism to ensure protection. You just need to lock your helmet to any part of your bike.


Hitting the roads can be dangerous, but you can minimize the potential danger with a helmet and the right helmet accessories. Though finding motorcycle helmet accessories that suit your needs and style can be time-taking, it will pay off in the end. So, get your hands on cool helmet accessories and ride in style.

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