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Anyone who is into motorcycles and racing will testify how integral it is to have a solid helmet. Modular helmets have a sound and strong exterior that doesn’t break on impact, and the interior is built in a way that it absorbs shock and protects your head, your jaw, and your chin in the case of an accident.

Modular helmets are a hybrid model between full-face and open-face helmets and feature chin bars to absorb any impact on the face. Despite being extremely popular amongst customers, they mostly do not have Snell Approvals. Snell approved some of their older models, but their newer models largely go unapproved.

Snell Certificated Brands

Anyone in the US who is associated with a racing organization or into professional motorcycle racing would know that when it comes to helmet safety, Snell has the final verdict. They judge motorcycle helmets on several factors.

They have stringent requirements that all helmets must meet and are subjected to a series of impact tests to test their viability. Only after going through this robust screening process, some helmets are deemed strong enough to be granted the Snell stamp of approval.

This must be making you think, what brands actually make it pass these tests? Don’t worry; we have highlighted the top Snell-certified brands below:


ls2 snell approved

One of the top-quality brands when it comes to motorcycle helmets is LS2. Their helmets are classy, affordable, safe, and most of all, they have the Snell gold seal of approval. Their helmets are extremely comfortable and are unisex hence can be worn by all with ease.

In 2010, LS2 did a press release where they announced that their FF394 Epic is the world’s first Snell-approved modular helmet. This was a major breakthrough. Snell is very strict on its regulations, and LS2 managed to build a helmet that is not only as strong as a full-face helmet but can also open at the front.

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hjc modular street motorcycle helmet

This is a brand that has been in the industry for over four decades and has been absolutely killing it. They manufacture only superior and tough helmets that are loved by racers all around the globe. They are super stylish, very comfortable, and use only high-quality materials for their manufacturing.

As you might have guessed, HJC, too, has some Snell-certified options. Moreover, the best thing about them is that it offers you affordable and pricier options like HJC CL-17 and HJC FG 17, respectively, so that you can have your pick from the lot.

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shoei gt air 2 helmet

Shoei is a relatively high-end brand in the market, but that’s because it has been in the helmet industry for many years and has extensive experience. Therefore, they know exactly what the customer is looking for and how to manufacture helmets that only attract the eye but have great safety features.

Shoei RF-SR is one of their Snell-certified options. Impeccably built and has all you might be looking for – maybe even more. It is comfortable, a huge step-up in quality, and Pinlock anti-fog. Apart from this, you will find more Snell-approved options from this brand and can rest assured that your safety is in good hands.


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bell srt modular street motorcycle helmet

If you’ve been into motorcycle racing or are just generally passionate about this hobby, the chances are that you already know about this brand. It has a large appeal amongst experienced and new riders alike. It is popular for its exceptional construction quality, solid features, and safety measures.

Sports bikes have a great appearance apart from the thrill, which is why you need a helmet that will go well with your stylish motorcycle. Bell is a brand that will not only have you looking good but will also keep you safe at high speeds and provides good ventilation. They have Snell-approved options as well, so you can rely on them for safety.

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scorpionexo modular helmet

Another trustworthy brand when it comes to motorcycle helmets is Scorpion. When you are out on a high-speed adventure on your favorite motorcycle, you want a helmet that will give you the confidence to try out its features and explore your passion and skill.

A Scorpion helmet does just that. With its superior build, remarkable features, and commendable safety with a Snell stamp of approval, making it one of the best options in the market. All their helmets rank high on quality, performance, and come at a reasonable price.

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Modular Helmet Snell Features

As explained earlier, Snell has a robust selection criterion and does not just grant certification or approval to any brand or model. Modular helmets are becoming increasingly popular and have some distinct features. A few of those features have been discussed below:


This is the feature that essentially defines a modular helmet. There is a hinged mechanism that swings the chin bar or the shield for the face out of the way, thus making it a hybrid model between full-face and open-face helmets.

However, it should be noted that the face shield is supposed to be kept down while riding and is added as a convenience for stops. The challenge is to provide enough support to this chin bar that can still protect your jaw from impact despite having a swinging mechanism.

Protective Liner

This is the impact-absorbing material between the helmet’s interior and your head. If there is a gap, then in the face of an impact, your head would essentially be wounded by the very thing that is supposed to protect you.

Hence, it should not only fit the shape of your head perfectly, but it should also be comfortable and act as a cushion between your head and the interior of the helmet. The fundamental function of this liner is to absorb shock during an impact and displace energy.

While the exterior of the helmet protects you from external or foreign substances, this lining ensures that the energy from the impact isn’t transferred or transmitted to your head.


Since a modular helmet uses a hinged mechanism to provide the factor of convenience, the tradeoff here is that the very mechanism adds more weight to the model. Hence, you will find that a modular helmet is heavier than a full-face model. However, with passing time, better and improved options are being introduced into the market and have been gaining quite some popularity.


Modular helmets are a perfect option for touring riders who want full-face protection during riding but need some air when they make a stop for a quick lunch or to just chat. They give you the best of both: full-face and open-face helmets, and the tradeoffs are not too significant and are constantly being improved.

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