What Is A Modular Helmet?

what is a modular helmetOne of the most important items of gear for a motorbike rider is a helmet. It affords protection whilst riding and keeps the rider safe in case of an untoward accident. It is for these reasons that helmet manufacturers are keen to offer the users with multiple options that will accord with the particular needs and demands of different riders on different terrains. One of the many types helmet available is the modular helmet.

Modular helmets are seen as a hybrid between full face helmets and open face helmets, and are meant to keep the riders safe on the road, whilst retaining user-friendly features. So with a modular helmet, the user can simply flip-up the mask, and doesn’t need to take it off (and put it back on) to communicate with the fellow riders.

This type of helmet offers some specific advantages as compared to other types. It allows the user to take a quick drink or gasp for fresh breath of air, without the hassle of removing the helmet. All you need to do is flip the visor up. This visor, however, needs to be closed at all times whilst you are riding the bike.

These helmets also help us keep your head dry during icy or rainy weather. So if you find yourself in the middle of a sudden downpour, you can count on a modular helmet to protect your head from getting wet, and at the same time, help you keep the water off your eyes or face. They also include venting technology at times, that help regulate the airflow inside the helmet and avoid heat build-up.

There are certain models of this helmet that also allow you to do a high-tech upgrade, such as Bluetooth connectivity, use of speakers or even install air pump for circulating fresh air within the helmet.

Modular helmets are safe and the manufacturers are meant to ensure compliance with the prescribed safety standards.

For all the above reasons, modular helmet can be a much attractive and safer choice for riders of all types, as opposed to opting for novelty helmets that are more focused on aesthetics.

Choosing the right helmet is one of the many decisions that a biker will be faced with when riding a motorbike. This decision is usually associated with striking the right balance between fashionable and safety features.

A modular bike helmet can help you make that fashion statement, provide you with versatility and ease of use, and at the same time, also afford you with optimum safety and protection whilst riding. You will see increasing number of bikers in this day and age, opting for modular or full-face helmets that are safe, multi-purpose and user-friendly.

Differences between a Modular Helmet and a Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

There are numerous types of helmets in the market and all are different in specifications, features and functionalities. Modular helmets and full face helmets are two of the most popular and well-known helmets available. On a quick glance, these two helmets may look quite similar, but in fact, there are quite a few differences between these two and we will look at them closely now.

Modular Helmets

Modular helmets are more versatile and user-friendly than full face helmets. They have an easy to open design that helps you get some fresh air or grab a bite, when you are parked at a stoplight or a gas station for example. The visor flips up and down for easy access, and saves you from the trouble of taking the entire helmet off (and back on) when you are taking a break. There are built-in sun visors for a comfortable ride on an open road.

A modular helmet, however, lacks the safety features that you would find in a full face helmet. This is due to the fact that the flip of the chin bar can be pushed forward, and hence the front part is more prone to an impact (as compared to a full-faced helmet).

These helmets have more flexibility and are more pragmatic than standard full-face helmets. They are also meant to be cheaper than regular helmets. Full face helmet is lighter and has less moving parts than modular helmet.

Full-face helmets are rigid in shape and are meant to be more reliable when involved in a car and have a tighter fitting.

modular helmet

Full Faced Helmets

Full faced helmets offer the highest protection for your noggin, and as such, can be perfect equipment for those intending to hit the tracks and riding at high speeds. It fits nicely and comfortably on your head. They are lightweight and aerodynamic, and literally lift a lot of weight off your head and shoulders.

Moreover, these helmets provide protection to the riders from rain and dust, and the vent technology is mean to provide air circulation to keep you cool.

Your choice between either of these two helmets will depend primarily on the level of comfort that you prefer, open air functionality, and overall safety and protection you would like to see in your helmet. A lot will also depend on your style of ride. Either way, you must ensure that it comes with a safety rating that will help you in case of a crash or a slide.

full face helmet


A modular helmet can be damaged upon a strong impact. Some of the factors that may lead to the disintegration of the helmet are:

  • The lock button is not rightly secured on the lower hinge whilst riding. The helmet’s integrity can be compromised with a loose and weakened lower hinge.
  • All moving parts that are secured by screws should be checked routinely, and if found to be loose, then must be fixed and tightened instantly, before continuing to ride.
  • Always ensure that it was constructed after thorough research and with full safety ratings. For example, Direct Fiber Processing (DFP) helmet shells are best and provide maximum strength against impacts.
  • Certain modular helmets are tested and manufactured as full-faced as well as half-faced helmets. Regardless, the users should never use the modular helmets with hinged bar flipped up, particularly at high speeds. These hinges can be weak points and snap when impacted. You would need maximum face protection in case of any untoward accident or crash.

Choosing a good quality helmet is as important as knowing how to use it properly to benefit from all its safety features. Latching the helmet appropriately is an example. Ignorance or negligence cannot and should not be used as an excuse for compromising your safety and protection, at any cost.

For all these reasons, you should always opt for a durable gear that gives you optimum protection against impacts that may just be round the corner, literally!


Modular helmets are meant to be super comfortable. The overarching benefit of these helmets (as compared to its competitors) is its ability to flip the visor open and shut.

Generally, most of the versions will provide a reasonable comfort level; however, you need to ensure that it is the right fit and size for you. These helmets also come with a sun shade that can be conveniently used when the sun disrupts your driving. The ventilation system is fairly efficient that allows good air flow within the helmet.

The interior liner of these helmets is equipped with the soft and comfortable liner. The material is usually anti-microbial and helps in absorbing sweat much quicker than any other fabric.

They can also accommodate additional gear such as goggles when you plan to ride off-road. It has special cheek pads that ease the process of putting and removing these goggles or glasses. They also help you maintain and regulate the internal temperature of the helmet, by keeping it cool and dry during those hot summer months and warmer during winter months.

Noise Insulation

Noise level within the helmet is a key feature that every rider wants to minimize or cancel out. It can be a major distraction and nuisance as well. Modular helmets can be fairly quiet and a lot of designing and technological features are built in the helmet to reduce the noise. This feature is not visible but can only be felt whilst riding. Hence, it is important to ascertain that before you purchase any helmet.

The helmets can also be less noisy when the vents are closed. You should check whether this is an option in the helmet you are reviewing or inspecting. A good modular helmet will have noise cancellation features so you won’t be disturbed with wind or outside noises, whilst making calls hands-free (via Bluetooth) or generally enjoying the ride.


Every rider has varying requirements when it comes to purchasing a helmet, such as excellent safety features, or comfortable fit.

In addition to these features, users also want their helmet to look and feel cool. It should make a style statement for them that is peculiar to them, and makes them stand out from the crowd. Modular helmets are readily available in multiple styles and sleek designs that are meant to capture everyone’s taste and fashion requirements. The interior of the helmet is also important, particularly the flip-up which should be of excellent quality. This helps the helmet with a neat and unique finish that all adds up to the overall aesthetics of the gear. The choice of color is also important and every rider can customize it by choosing their favorite color or pattern and by putting stickers on it to make it stand out.

All of the above mentioned design related aspects are very important and all work together collectively to improve the quality and visual of the helmet. This will ensure that you make the desired statement when riding out in the public. This also boosts your confidence and makes you feel good about yourself. Not a feature that you would expect a helmet to have, but it does inadvertently benefit the rider in unique ways.

More importantly, helmets primary purpose is to keep you safe and protected, and they are designed to achieve just that. All of its components such as the outer shell (which is hard), crushable internal structure (within the shell), and chin strap (comfort sections placed next to the head) work together to make it a safety gear that fits snuggly on your head.

The outer layer of the helmet is made from hard plastics (Kevlar, carbon fiber or fiber glass), and is meant to protect your head when you fall off the bike and hit your head on the ground. It also affords protection against abrasions and minor bruises when you skid or glide against the ground.

The thick foamy inner layer is made from soft EPS which is essentially expanded polystyrene. This material can crush easily upon impact and hence keeps your head safe upon impact by absorbing all the energy.


Modular helmets provide a level of protection that is close to the full face helmet (but not as secure). You can use the helmet with the visor up or down. It can be opened at your convenience and without the hassle of taking your helmet off. This is the defining feature of a modular helmet that sets it apart from its counterparts.

This is the perfect compromise between lower levels of security but lots of added comfort. This is a balancing act between protection and convenience. It gives you full face coverage with the benefits and features of an open helmet. In fact, this is the very reason why riders switch or opt (in the first place) for a modular helmet, amongst all the other options available to them.

The chin bar can be easily raised to take a quick drink, grab a bite, or have a quick chat with a fellow biker at a pit stop.

Interestingly, there are now a lot of models that even let you ride with the chin bar up. Be that as it may, always ensure that it is an approved model and has the requisite safety ratings, before your purchase or use it.

These helmets have come a long way since they first came to the market. They are much lighter due to the advancement in design and construction and the chin bar locking mechanism is much simpler to use as you can lift them with a single hand.

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